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Stacey, the mother of two autistic children, founded Our Coffee with a Cause in 2012 in response to the growing concern for special-needs individuals on Long Island who are aging out of schools to find job opportunities and a learning environment to acquire real-life skills. The employees package coffee, apply labels to the bags and coordinate shipments. Ms. Wohl holds sales and informational events, where employees work with an assistant to sell coffee and products using a custom-designed iPad app and interact with the customers. In getting her children Brittney and Logan involved, she named them co-owners of the company.

In May 2016, Stacey officially opened Cause Café in Fort Salonga. As part of assisting the special-needs community, Stacey held vocational training for those with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Although 53 million adults in the United States are living with a disability, as many as 70 percent of this working-age population are currently unemployed. For many, the current systems in place to support both young adults and their families disappear once the teen “ages out” of the education system, typically when they turn 21. In 2016, nearly 500,000 autistic persons will enter this category, in addition to adults with Down Syndrome and other cognitive conditions. 

Cause Cafe hosted school districts from all over Long Island. Stacey was on numerous talk shows and people all over the world saw her Today Show Video.

They were getting set to franchise Cause Cafe when tragedy struck, Stacey's father suffered a heart attack and died on a cruise she was on with her mother and Brittney.

The family was devastated and Stacey was unable to be in the restaurant because she needed to help her mother who suffered health problems after her husband died. They decided to close Cause Cafe in 2019.

Stacey opened Because Lifestyle Boutique a combination of a clothing boutique and cafe after her mother was recovered. Unfornatually her mother suffered another health setback and died soon afterward. Stacey relocated her boutique to Eastern Long Island and continued her mission of job training and inclusion.

Stacey credits the ability to persevere through all of these tragedies with the help of natural supplements, yoga meditation, and with family and friends support.

A Portion of sales will be given to Autism and Women's Health Charities.

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